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Thanks for stopping in. One Step Beyond is a multisport & triathlon coaching company based in Raleigh / Cary, North Carolina. We provide online coaching and personal training services to all levels of age-group athletes - from first year triathletes competing in their local sprint series, to the long-distance veteran looking to maximize his or her training time.

Led by Marty Gaal and joined by Brianne Gaal and Daniel Scagnelli, we have been competing since the 1980s (or 90s depending on when we were born) and have been coaching professionally since 2002.

The Steps
Our triathlon coaching and personal training programs, including individual planning and coaching, swim technique lessons, and group training sessions.

Multiday Training Camps
We host an annual triathlon camp in Boone. Email Marty at the address below if you're interested.

Powerstroke® Freestyle Technique Clinics
Our popular 1-day adult swimming intensive technique and triathlon clinics, held around the Southeast.

Open Water Swim Clinics
Our half-day open water adult swim clinics, held at various locations around North Carolina.

Triangle Open Water Mile Swim Series
Our three race open water swimming race series in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina, launched in 2009.

OSB-All Out Kids Spring and Summer Triathlon Training Program
Launched in 2016, a youth age 7-14 with spring and summer training options for kids triathlons!

About One Step Beyond
OSB is led by Coaches Marty Gaal, Brianne Gaal, and Daniel Scagnelli. All of our coaches remain competitive as age-group triathletes and runners.

OSB coaches are certified by accredited national bodies in a number of disciplines. Please read more about our coaches, their backgrounds, and coaching philosophies.

Our coaches use a mix of training methods and mental preparedness to maximize athlete performance. Essentially, plans for athletes focusing on shorter distance races include more high intensity work than athletes training for long distance races. Periodized plans, training loads, and recovery periods are adjusted for age and life stress related issues. We strongly believe in building a strong base of aerobic conditioning before moving into interval based sessions. We also believe in supplementary strength training to maintain or improve power, for general conditioning, and to prevent injuries. All training is specific to each athlete based on that athlete's background, athletic experience, goals, and needs.

Sponsored Events & Teams
One Step Beyond is pleased to be a sponsor of the following organizations and races in 2021:
FS Series Triathlons
The Triangle Open Water Mile Swim Series
The Lightning Squad Youth Triathlon Team

If you have any questions please email marty } osbmultisport { com. Thanks for visiting, and best of luck with all your endeavors.

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SUNDAY, MAY 09 2021

Join us for a 3 hour open water swim clinic reviewing and practicing all open water skills.




Join us for a 3 hour clinic reviewing and practicing all open water skills.