One Step Beyond Personal Coaching Services

Daily / Swimming Steps Coaching is for athletes seeking one-time consulting or personal training sessions. Coaches Brianne and Marty Gaal have conducted several hundred individual swim lessons over the past few years and are specialists in freestyle technique and instruction for adults. We do not give youth lessons.

$100 - 1 hour swim video & analysis & Powerstroke Freestyle Technique DVD
$100 - 1 hour open water swim session (higher rate due to 1hr commute time)
$90 - 1 hour swim video & analysis**
$75 - 1 hour swim lessons without video; personal training; training plan consult
$40 - 1/2 hour swim lesson follow up (no video)

10% Discounts for 3 or more lessons available.

2-person group training = $80 / hour total
3-person group training = $90 / hour total
larger groups - contact Coach Marty

**Please note that while I will load a private link for your raw, unedited video within a day or two of our 1-hour video session, edited videos with voiceovers and still frames can take several weeks to months to get done.

Need help designing an ATP? Have specific questions? Want a generic month that you can adjust as you go along? Not everyone feels the need for ongoing access to a coach, so this one-stop program might be right for you. You will receive your OSB Coach's undivided attention and processing power to assist you with whatever athletic related endeavor you wish to discuss, including:

-Ironman focus training
-Sprint distance focus training
-Olympic distance / ITU format focus training
-Multi-sport training schedules
-Single-sport training schedules
-Off-season training
-Mental focus, motivation, and balancing work, school, athletics, and social lives

You can view previous swim technique sessions on our youtube channel.

$150 - 1 hour business consulting & email followup.

Please email Marty a t t osbmultisport dot com to get started today.