One Step Beyond Personal Coaching Services

Basic Steps Coaching is for athletes seeking quality endurance training and coaching services.
$190 per month / 100 dollar start-up fee

If you want a great schedule but don't feel the need for extensive hands on interaction during the training cycle, this is the plan for you. Our coaches will create a professional training plan designed around your specific goals and constraints, with adjustments along the way as needed.

The initial interview is conducted by phone, and ongoing coaching is accomplished through email or text. Important stuff will be discussed on the phone. You will receive:

- A condensed Annual Training Plan
- A weekly schedule with specific daily workouts
- Summer group triathlon training program
- Ongoing email support for all questions (client initiated)
- Phone chats as need be (<15 minutes) - Pre-key (A) race phone consult
- Race day pacing and nutrition advice
- Necessary adjustments of your schedule
- Regular feedback from your coach
- 20% discount on additional personal training and consulting sessions
- A Trainingpeaks training account

The startup fee includes a one hour initial consultation and a team racing jersey.

If you would like 2 x 25 minute phone consultations + follow-up email/research per month, add $50.

Basic Steps does not include: extensive phone consults; extensive review of HR and power data files; extensive post-race performance reviews; or personal meetings or training;. You are always welcome to hire us for a block of consulting time if you would like more feedback than this plan includes.

5% 6-month or 3% 3-month prepayment discounts available. Please email Marty a t t osbmultisport dot com to get started today.