Keeping it Interesting

After many years involved in the sport, you may find your interest in strict triathlon training waning from time to time. Here are a few tips to keep yourself motivated and interested in the sport:

Train with groups. By far this is your best option. You can enjoy the social aspect while still getting quality training sessions in. Masters swim teams, track groups, and cycling groups are all over the place. You just need to look.

Mix up your location. A short vacation to the mountains for some climbing or extreme trail running may be just what you need. Or maybe you're the beach type - there's nothing quite like running on the beach, or bodysurfing some nice waves!

Pick a new race. If you've done your local sprint for ten years running, it may be time for you to expand your horizons and race against some new faces.

Change your mode. If you normally run on the road, hit the trails. Go mountain biking instead of road cycling. Hit the lake or ocean for an open water swim instead of your local pool.

Switch it up entirely! Maybe it's time to go kayaking, play tennis, or join a sports league. There's no rule that says triathlon is the only game you can play. :)